Textbooks, Study Aids, References.. some from the Seniors and some that I have :

Dropbox link to all PDFs:

Link to Dropbox of all PDF books

N110 Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Nursing Test

Fundamentals Study Guide

Care Plan Reference [this is not the text we need according to the syllabus but its just another reference]

"Fundamentals Success" Study Aid -- tons of questions and rationales

"Medical Surgical Nursing Demystified" - Study Aid

Med Surg Study Guide

Clinical Applications of NDX [Reference]

Seniors Notes- Immune System

Senior Notes- Cancer

Seniors- Unit 4 Blueprint N110

Seniors Immune System Problems

Seniors- HIV, AIDS, RA Lupus

Seniors- Chapter 33 Notes

Sparks and Taylor- NDx [Reference]

Davis' Lab and Dx handbook [Reference]

Nursing Assessment Audio

N111 pharmacology:
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Pharm Calculations [Reference]

Pharm Demystified

Instant Clinical Pharmacology

Pharm Reproduction Cards

Pharm NM Cards

Pharm Nephro Cards

Pharm GI Cards

Pharm Endo Cards

Pharm Cardio Cards

Pharm Cancer/Auto Immune Cards

Pharm- Antimicrobials Cards


Seniors- Resp Drug Lecture Notes

Seniors- Cardio Notes

Seniors- Unit 4

Seniors- Resp. Physiology

Seniors- Chap 30 and 31

Seniors- Cardiac Quiz BluePrint

Seniors- Cardio lecture notes


RN Excel Exam Prep

RN Excel Exam Prep 2

NCLEX Core Review


Spark Charts:

Medical Terminology -- The Body [Reference]

Nursing Care Procedures [Reference]

Osteoarthritis [Reference]

Medical Terminology -- The Basics [Reference]

Medical Facts [Reference]

Vitamins and minerals [Reference

Reflexology [Reference]

Intro To Healthcare [Reference]

Incontinence Care [Reference]