* Fundraising Idea-

Hey all,
The other day this came up in conversation with ashley and heather, so I thought I would throw it out there. During our essentials class, one of the first clinical days, a student nurse was selling these awesome badge holders that her boyfriend's mom made. I ran into her in the hospital, and I was asking her all about them. Basically, she said that they recycled the "flip-off" vial caps from the IV medications (see photo below). The caps are flat, and they come in a ton of colors and sizes. They bought a ton of badge reels in bulk (see photo below), along with really strong glue and they glued the caps on the badges along with other random crafty accessories. She was selling the larger badge holders for 5$, and the smaller ones for 3$.
external image Cephalosporin_for_Injection.jpgexternal image il_fullxfull.299914418.jpg external image EBS-DA00002-8_280_280.jpg
I think that a few students in our class purchased a badge holder from her. The student nurse was a senior (oringinally from Caldwell College) who had already graduated in the Spring and she was doing the last day of her clinical rotation when I was talking with her. I believe she said that she had sold over 100 of the badge holders in one day, without even really trying. Since it's a great thing to be "green" and recycle, applying the caps to make a cute fun craft seems like a good way to make some easy money for whatever cause we choose.

I was thinking that we could go on the floors in the hospital, talk to the nurse manager or whoever is in charge, explain our idea, provide them with something that they can literally keep in the Med Room to put the caps in, and kindly ask them to collect them for us. It would be nice if maybe we could have some participation from them. We can literally give them a plastic bag to put them in.. nothing crazy.

I thought that since some of us already work in hospitals or volunteer in them, or if we don't then we may know someone who does, if other students wanted to get involved and extend this cap collection to their colleagues/acquaintances at other hospitals, doctors offices, etc., that would be even better. Going off that, we could also sell them in other hospitals, online, to teachers and other people who wear id badges, etc.

While we are pitching this "campaign," the most important question to answer is where will the money go? We can leave that up to the student government board to discus ;) but in convo with ashley and heather, just a few ideas that were thrown out there were to donate the money to our class, donate the money to a scholarship fund for individuals within our class, etc. Obviously a small percentage of the money would be generated for the minimal cost of supplies. Lets say that we sell 250 of these badges.. that can easily generate anywhere between $750-$1250.

It's just a thought, and we don't have to do it, but I thought that it would be fun if some of you guys are into being crafty.. and even if you're not, we can just hang out while we make them. If no one is interested in actually making them, I definitely wouldn't mind doing it. They are quick, easy, mess-free, and the supplies are extremely cheap.
Below are some pitures of the different things you can make with the caps, not saying we have to do all of them* but just so you know what I am talking about: (below)

I'm not sure how we can go about getting this started... but I just wanted to put it out there for everyone. Thanks guys.. hope you are all enjoying your ATI and studying!


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