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Hello all! Here's my outline for the final. I didn't really elaborate on the things I found to be self-evident, but I hope this is useful anyway.
As always, please let me know if anything doesn't look right.
GOOD LUCK :) - Heather

*by the way, the mitral valve IS auscultated at the 5th (or 6th) intercostal space at the midclavicular line. It was silly of me not to verify what was said in the review


Hey guys! I found some old notes I took in Anatomy & Physiology about the immune system. It's definitely more detailed than we have to know, but it's got some good breakdown of the different types of immunity, the cells involved in each, and some general immunity concepts. The notes are pretty choppy, so I'd suggest reading a little about the immune system first so it's not confusing.

....and while we're at it, I just found these notes on Blood from the same class! Check it out :)

- Heather


Here's a link to an audio review for the skin integrity & wound care portion of the blueprint.
And here's one to the first part of the musculoskeletal part of the blueprint.
I've been having some major technical difficulties, so unfortunately this will probably be the last one I upload tonight...
Good luck studying! - Heather

I recorded the 30 minute review with Prof. S. I don't know how to upload the recording so I typed basically word for word of what she went over during this time. It may not cover all points of the blue print, but it's a supplement for anyone who couldn't/can't attend the review sessions. VERY BASIC. - Patricia

Here's a little something to help with learning the cranial nerves. This isn't for the upcoming quiz per se, but more to complement our neurological nursing knowledge in general :)

- Heather

Here's a summary of the review for our quiz on Monday.

And here's a link to a PDF of the Smeltzer book that Rachel G found :)
NOTE: this book is a different edition, so the pages listed in the outline do not match up. For example, the first item on the blueprint starts on p. 1822 on the PDF edition instead of p. 1832. I can't say if 100% of the information is the same or not, but if in doubt, the library has a copy of the proper edition of the Smeltzer book that we can use :)
- Heather



A pretty long outline of the blueprint. It still has the psychosocial development of middle/older adults on it - even though we don't have to know that anymore! Good luck studying! - Heather

Some vocab lists:

And some Kozier Study Guides
(The Ch. we're being tested on in this file are 16, 39 & 40)

09/19/12Chapter 16-17 Outline - by Asia
09/17/12Health Promotion; Health, Wellness, and Illness – OutlinePowerpoint and Class Notes 09/17/12 (Kozier Ch. 16-17) - by Rachel


The Nursing Process - Ch. 10-14 - by Heather

Professor Stypolkowski's Study Session for Test 1 - by Erin