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Meditation: a simple, fast way to reduce stress
The Mayo Clinic's comprehensive guide to meditation for stress reduction.

Stress Management Health Center
WebMD offers excellent resources for handling stress, including Health Tools, a Web Community, and information on the science of stress.

Four Ways to Deal with Stress
Learn great coping mechanisms from the American Heart Association.
...because, yes, stress affects your heart.

Stress: Portrait of a Killer
Have Netflix? Take a look at this National Geographic documentary, featuring the awesome Dr. Robert Sapolsky, of Stanford University - research neuroscientist, and author of "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers" among others.

Take a listen to this audio for guided relaxation practice.
This track is made available for free by the University of Maryland Medical Center.
View the link to this and other techniques with their respective audio tracks at http://www.umm.edu/sleep/relax_tech.htm